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The race is definitely unusual: the winner is not the fastest vehicle, but the one which manages to run the furthest distance in km with the minimum amount of energy within the time allowed. There are two categories: Prototype and Urban Concepts. “Rossi” competes in the first category, which allows a free choice of design.

Within each category there are three different rankings according to the fuel being used:

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine): fuel,Diesel,LPG,ethanol E85,CNG

Fuel cell: hydrogen


There is a wide range of different design options, but most teams tend to choose the three wheels solution; two in the front and one (generally the power wheel) in the rear. The race event usually begins the first week of May. The Teams are busy with technical inspections on Wednesday, with free tests on Thursday and finally with the race on Friday and Saturday.

Each Team can do four trials, the best result of which (on km/l) will be the final result.


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